Warehouse employee | Ceva Logistics/Bol.com

  • €12.55
  • Waalwijk
  • Hobij
  • 40 hours a week


Do you want to work at one of the largest and best-known online department stores in the Netherlands? Are you looking for a nice job as a warehouse employee in Waalwijk where you get appreciation for your work, enjoy your work and you can possibly be scheduled with your friends? Then come work via HOBIJ at Ecommerce for Bol.com!


You can be scheduled in several departments and each department has its own tasks:

- For receiving goods, the incoming products are divided and labeled.
- In the Putaway department, the goods are placed at the correct Pick locations.
- In the order picking department, the orders are picked and prepared for the packing department.
- After that, the goods are packed and they go to the forwarding department, after which they are sent to the customer
- Returns is a separate department. In this department, goods are checked for defects and quality issues, after which they are distributed to the correct internal department.

- We at HOBIJ think it is important that we are ready for our people and therefore have a dedicated team (of all nationalities) on location for all your questions. HOBIJ is always available for urgent situations!
- HOBIJ knows that It is important that we are reachable if something is going on. We have a dedicated team on site for all your questions from all nationalities. For urgent situations, HOBIJ is always reachable for you!


On average you work about 30 to 36 hours a week (in busy periods this will be more). Your working hours are between 06:00 and 02:15.


We are looking for responsible and serious people who like to work in logistics!

- Work experience is a plus, but motivation and mentality are the most important.
- You are fit, because you walk and stand a lot during work.
- You speak the Dutch or English language.
- You are willing to take off your jewelry and piercings during work.
- You live or want to live in the Waalwijk area.
- Do you not have your own accommodation? Indicate this and we will discuss the options via HOBIJ.


𝗦𝗮𝗹𝗮𝗿𝘆: €12,55 per hour (21 yr. eo) * Including 10,5 % holiday allowance and the extralegal holiday hours.

- Your salary is weekly paid.
- Shift allowance for irregular hours.
- The possibility for a permanent contract.
- A good onboarding including payed training
- HOBIJ provides the necessary personal protective equipment like safety shoes

- A clean and pleasant working environment
- Well-equipped canteens and locker rooms
- Your personal belongings are kept in a personal locker during working hours, with your own access badge.
- During the breaks you get free water, coffee, tea or soup. There is also a microwave in the canteen.
- Do you want to work together with a friend or, for example, a family member at Ingram, we will schedule you together. It is possible to deviate from this during the introduction training.

Shift allowance:
10% between 7:00 PM - midnight
25% between midnight - 7:00 AM
50% working on weekends
100% on a national holiday


Ecommerce is a worldwide provider doing all logistics for Bol.com and some other companies in Waalwijk. It is the biggest warehouse in the Netherlands. The work is light and easy to-do for men and women.