Do you want to work in the Netherlands? Great! At HOBIJ we offer you well-paid jobs in logistics, (food)production and tech. Take the opportunity to earn good money and financially support yourself and if needed your family. Curious about our vacancies? Click on the button below. 

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If you want to work in the Netherlands, there are a few requirements:

  • You need an EU passport or ID card. A working permit for the Netherlands is also valid. 
  • To begin the application process, we require your CV. Don't have a CV? Click here.
  • Most jobs require you to speak and understand English. You can find the specific job requirements in the vacancy.

Curious about our vacancies? Click on the button below. 

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Application process

  1. Apply for a (open)vacancy with your CV or register here.
  2. Our recruiters will contact you within 2 working days.
  3. If there is a match, you will receive an offer.
  4. Offer accepted? Then we start the paperwork.
  5. We are now ready to welcome you in the Netherlands.

English speaking jobs 


We're on the lookout for English-speaking flex workers. As a flex worker in the Netherlands, having English skill can be a major adventage. Many of our jobs require effective communication in English. Whether you're looking for a jobs in logistics, production or technical, we have a job for you. 

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Of course, leaving your home country to find a job abroad is already a big step. Here are some Questions and Answers that can help you get started. 

Read the full FAQ here.

When will the salary be paid?
Your salary is weekly paid. This is included holiday allowance and extralegal holiday hours (together 10,5%).

What bank account do I need?
The agency does not dictate what account you should have, but we encourage you to set up a foreign currency account (this way you do not have to pay for currency exchange costs).

Does HOBIJ pay pension contributions?
Yes, after 6 months of work.


  • If you refer a friend you receive a bonus of € 100 net, per friend! Check the conditions here.
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