Typical landscape in Holland

Working in Holland

Welcome in the Netherlands! One of the best things to experience when you arrive in an unfamiliar environment, are friendly people. Fortunately, the Dutch are open, welcoming and do not hesitate to offer you a helping haand when needed. In addition, it seems that almost everyone in the Netherlands speaks English. You will hear it on the streets, on the bus and in grocery stores. You will definitely hear it spoken in university areas and also at work. Normally, if you try to talk to someone who speaks Dutch and finds it difficult for you, they will almost always switch to perfect English.


Of course, it is a big enough step to move away from your home country to find a job abroad. Here are some Questions and Answers that can help you get started.

Does HOBIJ pay pension contributions?
Yes, after 6 months of work.
What bank account do I need?
The agency does not dictate what account you should have, but we encourage you to set up a foreign currency account (this way you do not have to pay for currency exchange costs).
When will I get the holiday allowance?
Holiday allowance is paid 6-8 weeks after the last payment at the end of employment.

Housing & transport