Julius Tomkevicius

Julius Tomkevicius


Job coach, Lithuania

“I love helping new flex workers and showing them the ropes with working and living in the Netherlands. I know from experience that you have many questions when you first arrive in the Netherlands. It is great then that you have someone who is there for you 24/7 to answer all your questions. Simply in your own language.

“Helping flex workers and showing them the ropes in the Netherlands: I love this”

I believe you should always do your best, from the beginning to the end. With every chance that you get. I came to the Netherlands to experience something great. And to date this has certainly been the case.

I started at HOBIJ as order picker. But I was quickly given the chance to reinforce the HOBIJ team as job coach. And I am very grateful for this chance. I believe you must push yourself to achieve the best results. Not only in your work, but certainly also in your life.

I love the Netherlands, because…

  • The weather: and then especially when the sun shines
  • Enough places to be active and especially run
  • The chances that I get (thanks to HOBIJ) in the working area.
  • Trying something new every day and pushing my limits

HOBIJ´s motto also suits me very well: ‘Never stop growing’.