Anne Verschuuren

Anne Verschuuren


From an early age, Anne believed that we must investigate things to find out how far we can go. And that drive has always been there. Because if Anne wants to achieve something, she does.

Anne encountered HOBIJ when Anne had to look for an internship during her studies. There was a line with HOBIJ and then already Anne thought that it was a wonderful company.

Acting quickly in stressful situations. This is completely Anne´s thing

Anne feels at home in stressful situations in which she must act quickly. This makes it fun. As a Flex Manager, she is aware that customers, flex workers and HOBIJ have high expectations. There is quite a bit of pressure involved. Nevertheless, Anne gives her very best. The client package is completely to her liking and everything runs smoothly. Flex workers are where they belong. Some do so well that they are given a contract at the client. And the happiness that this leads to with the flex workers is worth gold!