Lucien Weltak

Function: Welder

When HOBIJ called me to ask if I wanted to work via them, I was still employed by another employment agency. I didn't just want to give this up. But when I found out that I had to pay for my tools and work clothes myself, I started to have doubts. After all, the reason I work through an employment agency is so that things like that are all arranged for me. Otherwise I would have become a freelancer.

Arjen from HOBIJ assured me that this would not be the case at HOBIJ. And this was true. I worked for HOBIJ for 3 years. In that period, I worked on various projects as welder. A welding helmet, tools, work clothes. Everything was arranged and paid on time via HOBIJ. That way I was able to start working on a new job well prepared.

I obtained my MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) certificate via HOBIJ

Never done learning
I do both MIG/MAG and TIG welding. This ensures that I can work on various welding projects and that I can be deployed in many ways. This is not so easy. It requires all kinds of certificates, such as various welding certificates and my VCA. Many of these I had already achieved before I started working at HOBIJ. But this does not mean that I had learned all I could. Because through HOBIJ I was also able to obtain my aerial platform certificate.

When there were not that many projects, HOBIJ said ‘come to the workshop and then we will improve your welding techniques’. This certainly appealed to me because I really do not feel like heading out into the wind and weather at my age. This way I at least stayed busy. I was able to train and practice welding seams and stacking. With MIG I practised on steel and with TIG on stainless steel. Now I can do my work everywhere.

I find enjoying my work important
I go to work with a smile, every day. Only when this is no longer the case, I know that I should rather stop working. I also always have good contact with my colleagues in the workplace. We can build on each other and I still have contact with some outside of work. 

You should not go to work stressed, or you will end up in the madhouse

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