Emilie Verhagen

Function: Assembly worker

Through friends I ended up at HOBIJ and Modine. And thanks to the enthusiasm of my flex manager Gaby Vlasman, I was certain that Modine would be a good workplace for me. Gaby is fully behind me and supports me wherever possible. Both at work and in my private life. And I love this.

Even at Modine, I am never on my own. My colleagues are super friendly and always want to help if I can't figure things out. They are more than just colleagues; I made many new friends here. And that is why I always go to work feeling good. For 2.5 years now.

Thanks to my colleagues, I feel completely at home in the technical ‘men's world’.

If I had to describe my work in one sentence I would say: “I make car radiators”. I stand behind the machines to assemble, test and package the car radio tower. Because I have a technical background, I can be posted anywhere in the factory. This means that there is always work for me within Modine.

Growth opportunities?
Normally you are not allowed to operate the machinery at Modine as a temporary worker. But because I am quite technical, I think they have made an exception for me. They have given me the chance to still operate the machines. This gives me more security. And especially job security, because I can be stationed anywhere in the factory.

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