David Olah

Function: Flex worker

I found it quite exciting to go and work in the Netherlands from Slovakia. But HOBIJ guided me very well in this. I have never come across an agency as good as HOBIJ. Working in the Netherlands has really changed my life.

I can now support my mother financially, but I can also buy the things I like. For the first time in years I can save. Or treat myself to new brand shoes. If I had continued to work in Slovakia, I could never have done this. 

Thanks to HOBIJ, I have been given new opportunities in life

Extra working experience
Since I work in the Netherlands via HOBIJ I have gained a lot of working experience. For example, with coatings and packaging. But I have also learned a lot about communication with my colleagues and working in a team.

I would like to thank a few more people
My life is very good now and I am very grateful to my flex manager Rens and HOBIJ for this. But I am also very happy that I can come to the Netherlands as a foreigner to work here. That gives me, and many other expats, a lot of new opportunities. And I would like to thank everyone for that.

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