For Employers

For employers

In a world where everything seems to be going faster and applicants are increasingly demanding, you, as enterprising Netherlands, must continue to do your utmost to keep your head above water. You want to guarantee continuity with a permanent group of employees. At the same time, you also want to manage peaks and quiet moments as well as possible. In other words, you need flexible personnel.  But you also know that you often have a high turnover and absenteeism in that area. So, how and where can you find good and qualified people that fit your corporate culture?
HOBIJ responds to that need. We are the agency that really knows what HRM needs, for companies to properly organize their flex shell. We do not make false promises. We simply provide the right support when it comes to providing excellent (temporary) manpower. From the Netherlands and Europe. And if training is required, we don't turn a blind eye to it.

No matter in which field your company is active, HOBIJ always has a suitable solution.

Core values

be Loyal

HOBIJ is like a family. Whether you work internally at HOBIJ. Are a client or supplier. Or work via us as a flex worker. We make sure that you always notice and feel that you are really part of the team.

show Ambition

Ambition is fundamental for HOBIJ. People are namely like plants; if you do not grow you slowly die. And the latter we would off course like to postpone. Therefore, we help you where we can with your development.

live Social

“A happy flex worker makes a better world”. With this motto the flex worker plays a central role at HOBIJ. This is an important basic condition from which we build. We also expect the same mindset from our customers and suppliers.

think Purpose

You can get more than you have of most things, except time. That is why we always work targeted and with a no-nonsense mentality. Result oriented as well, because time is - as they say - money. But… time is also prosperity and happiness. Let´s especially not forget that.

have Humour

Yes, we are loyal, social, goal-oriented and ambitious. But we certainly don't lose sight of the fun of the game! Humour puts things into perspective and strengthens the mutual bond. Yet humour should never be at the expense of another.

feel Passion

Generally, people like to do something when they’re good at it. They do it passionately. So it’s important -we think-for the right people to be placed in the right positions.


At HOBIJ we believe that everyone is entitled to a full and rich life. We believe happy people can make a better world, together. This is the reason why we offer flex workers the opportunity to build a future by offering them work and a place to live. Because let's face it; if you, as an employer, contract someone, you also take on responsibilities, right? This is why we do it, where we can, we do our utmost best to care well for these people.

featured projects

Housing projects Tautus

Housing projects Tautus


For various housing projects around Friese Leeuwarden, HOBIJ has dispatched a group of electricians to install solar panels on roofs for a year.

Van Grinsven Steel construction

Van Grinsven Steel construction


We were looking for a work planner for Van Grinsven in Veghel. To provide additional support to the client, we produced a work-as-video for them. By recording the various tasks and contact moments of the work planner on video, we were able to give the candidates a better image of the position.