Corona Updates

‚ÄčLatest update: 06-04-2021

We would like to inform you about the HOBIJ COVID-19 policy updates, which possibly affect our flex workers, clients and support colleagues.


The number of infected people isn’t declining fast enough.
This resulted in the decision to extend the lockdown again until April 20.

Also the curfew remains necessary until April 20 at 4:30 in the morning. This means that you must be inside between 22:00 and 4:30 or carry the valid statements with you when you're out on the street. 

Many people find the lockdown very difficult. The Dutch government understands this and wants the country to open up where possible. That’s why it is crucial for everyone to follow the basic rules:

  1.  Always keep a distance of 1.5 meters.
  2.  Do not go to places where it is busy.
  3.  Sneeze and cough into your elbow.
  4.  Wash your hands often with soap.
  5.  Avoid crowded places.
  6.  Put on a mouth mask where necessary.
  7.  Get yourself tested in case of complaints.
  8.  Do you have a cold? Then stay at home!
  9.  Do you have a fever or are you short of breath? Then all housemates must stay   at home.
  10.  Stay at home if you have any complaints.
Because of the current situation regarding COVID-19, we have prepared a short film for you to explain what to do when you have complaints/ symptoms. 

Please watch the video below so you are informed and prepared:


Measures up to and including at least until April 20 2021:
Hairdressers and masseurs can start again
Some contact professions may start again from March 3rd. It concerns professions such as hairdressers and masseurs. There are rules for an appointment:
- Make a reservation in advance.
- Stay at home if you have complaints.
- Wear a mouth mask.
- Keep a distance of 1.5 meters where possible

People up to the age of 26 can exercise together outside
From March 3rd, young people are allowed to exercise outside together again. This applies to people up to and including 26 years of age. Sports is only allowed with your own team within your own club.

Shopping by appointment
From March 3rd, shops may receive customers by appointment. In order to prevent them from taking turns too quickly customers must be in the store for at least 10 minutes. In addition, they must schedule their visit 4 hours in advance. 
Curfew Forms

The ‘eigen verklaring’ (self-declaration curfew) form should be filled in again and again every week according to the guidelines of the Dutch government.

Because of this we decided to do the following:
Every Saturday all ‘working’ flexemployees will receive a new ‘eigen verklaring’ form which you can show when you get checked during traveling from or to work. The form will be generated through a process flow and will be automatically updated in your personal portal. 

The form which is generated every Saturday applies over de period of the next week, Monday until Sunday. 



There is a policy in the making to vaccinate migrant workers here in the Netherlands. Do not worry about that, labor migrants will also be vaccinated. Labor migrants are expected to join the regular groups, that is by age. For migrants not registered as residents the calls for vaccination will be subject to a separate policy. Only when labor migrants are registered as residents in the Netherlands can they be summoned by the government in the regular way.

As soon as there is other news regarding the vaccination of flex workers, we will also inform you immediately!



As from December 1st it is obligatory to wear a face mask in all indoor public areas. The fine for not wearing a face mask in a designated area is 95 euro.

  • People aged thirteen and older are obliged to wear a mouth mask in public indoor areas. Unless they use an assigned seat or, in special situations, a fixed place where they are allowed to perform an activity.
  • The obligation does not apply to people who are unable to wear a mouth mask due to a disability or illness.
  • People wearing a mouth mask must still adhere to the safe distance standard.
  • A public indoor area is defined as a space that anyone can access. Think of museums, libraries, shops, cafes, restaurants and their terraces, cinemas, theaters and zoos.

If you need a free washable face mask, this can be arranged through HOBIJ. 

It's also mandatory for everyone at the HOBIJ office in Veghel to wear a face mask when walking around. 


Traveling is still strongly discouraged until at least March 31st. If you still need to make a necessary journey, you must coordinate this with your job coach in advance. If there is no necessary trip, the quarantine period is at your own expense.

For new arriving colleagues:
Upon arrival in The Netherlands and before you can start working, you need to go into quarantine.

In case you would need medical care within that quarantine period, HOBIJ will make sure that you receive that care. In addition, HOBIJ also provides groceries and a free accommodation to stay during this period.


A number of 3 people together in a HOBIJ car is allowed.

Your job

As you will understand, these developments could affect your job at some point. Therefore we work closely with all our clients to be able to ensure housing and income for all our flex workers, now and in the future.

If your job is (temporarily) canceled and you performed well, we will arrange alternative work at one of our other customers. After your Jobcoach or Flexmanager places you on our “transfer list”, our recruitment department will get in contact with you within one working day to discuss the available options.

Procedure reporting sick

  • During working hours:
    As a flex worker you contact your jobcoach or flexmanager, they will contact the HOBIJ Case Manager.
  • Outside of office hours:
    Are the complaints getting worse and can you not wait until the next morning? Then you can contact the public information number 0800 - 1351 (between 08:00 and 20:00). The number can be reached from abroad by calling +31 20 205 1351.

Pay attention: Never go to a hospital or doctor without telephone contact/ an appointment!

For anyone who visits HOBIJ's head quarters, these are the measures you must adhere to:

Practical issues

All our housing locations have been checked for safety. This means that all beds are at least 1.5 meters apart. Replacement locations have been sought at locations where the 1.5-meter distance is not feasible. The locations are also provided with posters, which once again describe the most important safety measures:

Protective equipment such as gloves and soap is provided at work locations.

We know that these measures are not easy, but we count greatly on your contribution! If you have any questions about the measures or the coronavirus, you can always contact your Job Coach or Flex Manager at HOBIJ.

If you come across a situation on the work floor or in an accommodation where we can do something to improve safety, then we would like to hear that.

Good luck and above all stay healthy!