Let your organization grow

HOBIJ specializes in the recruitment and selection of qualified and motivated personnel. In the technical, logistics and (food) industry sectors. We think proactively with our clients on the implementation of their staffing needs in the long term.
Growth is central to us. It is not without reason that our motto is ‘Never Stop Growing’. We encourage our flex workers to get the best out of themselves. This way we support the personal growth of your personnel and the growth ambitions of your company.
HOBIJ's strength lies in good employment practices. We are a committed employer for our flex workers. And a reliable partner for your organization that takes over all employer obligations.

Our flex workers are always at # 1

When we think of how we can improve our services, we start by exceeding our clients' expectations. And we do that by putting our own flex workers first. That may sound dubious, but it really works. We put the flex worker at the centre of everything we do. Because we believe that a happy flex worker simply contributes more. We offer flex workers the opportunity to build a future. By offering them work and accommodation.
In practical terms, this means that we expect to make our flex workers happy by having them do what they are good at. We place our flex workers in a position where their knowledge and skills are fully appreciated. It is therefore important that we look closely at which roles should be specifically filled. And which competencies are required for this.  Once we have insight into this, we will determine which of our flex workers is best suited for this. Do they meet all job requirements? If the answer is ‘no’, we train the flex worker. The result? Flex workers who can start working productively right away.