We believe it is important that the personnel solutions we offer to clients are of the highest quality. We are also constantly working hard to be and remain a reliable and committed employer for your flex workers. Below you can read how we do this.


We are affiliated with the Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen (General Bond Employment Agencies) (ABU). As member of ABU we must meet the high-quality demands in the area of, amongst other things, safety, code of conduct and the payment of social contributions and taxes. This way you can be sure that you are working with a reliable party for your recruitment
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HOBIJ has been named Best Managed Company for years in a row. This makes us one of the best managed companies in the Netherlands. 
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With the designation of Stichting Normering Flexwonen, we demonstrate that we handle our temporary agency workers in a good and responsible manner. And that this housing meets all requirements. The housing standards are laid down in the ABU CLA for Temporary Agency Workers and the NBBU CLA for Temporary Agency Workers.
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We hold the FD Gazelle title because of the rapid growth in recent years and the financial health of our organization. FD Gazelles grow faster than the market because of their sharp strategy. HOBIJ's success stems from the course that has been mapped out in recent years. 
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We hold the SNA quality mark NEN 4400-1. With this quality mark, we demonstrate that we are a decent employer and opt for fair competition. Doing business with HOBIJ on the basis of these criteria means that you as a hirer are exempt from any liability.
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With the VCU certificate, we emphasize that the safety and health of your flex workers is our top priority. Our safety management system meets all VCU requirements. And we provide our flex workers with good information about working safely and healthily, guiding them in their work and ensuring that they have all the necessary safety materials.
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HOBIJ proudly holds EURES membership. HOBIJ has access to the CV database through EURES membership. This gives us an edge in the market. We are always informed of current labour market information in the EU. Through the collaboration with EURES, HOBIJ can investigate new recruitment channels. And we can use the knowledge and expertise of EURES. 
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