Never Stop Growing Academy

HOBIJ has the motto: “Never Stop Growing” and as pay-off, Pioneers at Work. If you combine these two slogans, you cannot escape the fact that HOBIJ is an organization that facilitates the development of people in innovative ways. After all, the level of the people also determines the level of an organization. To grow, people must have the opportunity to grow themselves. In personality, but also in competences. We facilitate this in our own Never Stop Growing Academy (NSG Academy). Within our Academy we offer training courses that meet the needs of our clients and our flex workers. Our offer is continuously expanded.

For our flex workers

We consider your knowledge, competences and ambitions. Do the needs of the client and your competences not fully match, do you want to retrain to increase your career opportunities or do you want to retrain to be even more productive? Then you can follow the right training via our NSG Academy Contact us to discuss the various options.
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For our clients

Do you spend a lot of time training new colleagues, do the competencies of new employees not sufficiently match the desired level or is the supply on the market so scarce that you cannot get the vacancies filled properly? We have a solution for this. Within our NSG Academy we offer an extensive range of education and training courses that respond to the needs of our clients. In this way we ensure that there is a sufficiently qualified offer that can work for our clients with a very limited training time. 
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