How can I contact HOBIJ?

You can contact HOBIJ in several ways. If you already work or have worked via HOBIJ, you can obviously contact your flex manager.

If you have a question about a vacancy, then you can see in the vacancy information which flex manager is dealing with the vacancy and how you can contact this flex manager.

If you have a general question, then you can fill in the contact form on our contact page.

Naturally, you can always phone us or send an e-mail. Our phone numbers are given on the contact page.


What should I bring with me to the intake interview?

If you have an intake interview at our office, it is important to bring your CV and ID document with you.

Why is HOBIJ a good employer?

Working for HOBIJ means working for a company that focuses on people. We are currently in the race for a listing as Great Place to Work. For this purpose, our organisation is being assessed on aspects such as credibility, respect and honesty. A culture audit will also be carried out. The requirements that must be satisfied are: Confidence, Pride and Enjoyment!

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