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Founded in 1995, HOBIJ has an extensive network of contacts in the Dutch labor market and has extensive experience in recruitment and selection of candidates. This enables us to offer a wide variety of job in the logistics, technical and food industries throughout the Netherlands.

HOBIJ potential

In our agency we are focused on the employee. Each organization is in fact a unique collection of people, with their specific abilities, ambitions, goals and dreams. By providing every employee with the best possible conditions, personal support and incentives to improve their professional qualifications, we build the capital of knowledge, skills and enthusiasm that all contribute to our agency's potential for further successful growth.

The expression of our approach to the employee is our motto Never Stop Growing. We do not limit ourselves to finding our temporary workers for the right remuneration, but we stimulate them to continually improve their qualifications by offering courses, training and professional coaching.

What benefits do you get from working with HOBIJ?

  • Attractive work in the Dutch food, technical or logistic sector.
  • Opportunities for personal development and enhancement of professional qualifications.
  • Accommodation, commuting to work, administrative service.
  • Caring for employees and stimulating their professional development throughout the working period for the agency
  • The safety and security of employment in a professional, certified agency

If you are interested in working for HOBIJ, please contact us!

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