HOBIJ is a specialist in the field of European workers. Our enthusiastic staff, working at different branches throughout the Netherlands, use all their expertise in the fields of placement, recruitment and selection, for national and international workers. Every day more than 2500 temporary workers work through HOBIJ in Dutch food, technical and logistic companies.

Recruitment, selection and motivation of employees

In HOBIJ we deal with the matching of qualified and motivated temporary workers, including Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Romania, with companies looking for employees. Recruiting, selecting, and motivating new employees are activities that require additional time and expertise. For us it is our daily work. We are well aware of the European labor market and we are able to perfectly match Dutch employers and their respective employees.

Willingness to make extra efforts

Our never stop growing motto, is reflected in the activities of the HOBIJ agency and all employees working for it. Development is achieved through readiness to make extra efforts. And that's what we do - not only for the companies we work with but also for temporary employees working for our agency. We stimulate them to further develop by offering courses, training paths and professional coaching.

We also care about providing our employees with the best working conditions. Everyday we serve them advice and help them feel comfortable in this new country.

In addition, if necessary, we offer our staff suitable accommodation, help with paperwork, check-in and other formalities.

Continuous improvement

HOBIJ meets the requirements and regulations that a professional recruitment agency should meet. We have a NEN 4400-1 certificate (guaranteeing full compliance of the employment agency with applicable standards and regulations) and the VCU (Health and Safety Checklist for the Temporary Employment Agency) certificate and we are a member of the ABU (Dutch General Agency of Interim Agency Workers). Thanks to this, companies can be assured of the highest quality of our services.

However, our endeavor does not end there. We also want to be the best agency for our temporary workers - one that is constantly improving. Our efforts in this area have been rewarded. We have been honored several times with the title Best Managed Company. We also received the Stichting Normering Flexwonen certificate, which is a quality mark for temporary employment agencies providing accommodation to temporary workers. In 2014 we also received the title of Great Place to Work, which is a place to list in the Best Places to Work.

If you want to find out more about HOBIJ, please contact us.

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