HOBIJ Great Place to Work 2014

Great Place to Work

HOBIJ first temporary work agency with title Great Place to Work

The Dutch temporary employment agency was rewarded for good working conditions.

Great Place to Work is an independent institution that assesses the workplace and personnel policies of the organization around the world. In 2014 for the first time in history an employment agency received the title of Great Place to Work. 

Hobij has earned this reputation because it has distinguished itself in terms of creating good conditions for temporary workers. HOBIJ's goal is to have a positive impact on people's lives in Europe.

Accurate preparation

Getting the title of Great Place to Work was preceded by many years of preparation. "We started with the so-called zero measurement in 2011," says Han van Horen, CEO of HOBIJ. "Based on the results we have conducted a thorough analysis of the opportunities for improvement. The basis was talking with seventy temporary workers. This resulted in a concrete action plan. A special group of permanent and temporary staff began the operation. Other temporary workers were also regularly invited to present their ideas and to discuss them together. "


Han Van Horen is proud of this achievement. "We treat this title as proof that the direction of our actions is right. In HOBIJ we have a clear mission: to be interested in people's lives and to improve the quality of their lives, and to support the organization in achieving their goals through mutual interconnection. We carry out this mission every day. We offer more than just good work to our temporary workers. We also offer a platform for development. In this way we have a positive impact on people's lives in Europe!"

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